Do I need an appointment for a marriage application?

Yes.  All appointments are on Mondays or Tuesdays from 8:30am to 3:30pm.  Please call out office at (973) 882-2700 x2501 to make an appointment.

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1. Do I need an appointment for a marriage application?
2. Domestic Partnership Records I entered into a domestic partnership before New Jersey’s Civil Union Act took effect. Is my domestic partnership still valid if we elect not to enter into a civil union?
3. Is my domestic partner able to assume my last name after we register our partnership?
4. If I am in a domestic partnership and want to enter into a civil union with the same partner, do we need to terminate the domestic partnership before applying for our civil union license?
5. Does my employer have to offer my domestic partner health benefits?
6. If I was married in another state, do I need to enter in a marriage in New Jersey in order to have my marriage recognized in New Jersey?
7. Is my marriage on file in New Jersey if I was married in another state or country?
8. Who can perform marriages in New Jersey?
9. Can Internet ministers perform my marriage ceremony?
10. What is required to file a delayed marriage certificate?
11. How do I order a vital record from a New Jersey local vital records office?
12. What are the fees for local copies?
13. Are local copies of vital records acceptable for all my needs?