Bulk Collection

Bulk Pick-up Schedule:

If your household garbage pickup is Monday and Thursday, all bulk items will be picked on the following days:  

                                                                       1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

If your household garbage pickup is Tuesday and Friday, all bulk items will be picked up on the following days: 

                                                                      2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month


Bulk pick-up is limited to 4 items only. Please do not put out more than that on your designated bulk days, as only 4 items will be taken. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

The Township refuse contractor will pick up bulk items twice a month throughout each garbage zone.   This will include all items of bulk nature, mattresses, console TV (TV must be removed from console), lawn and house furniture, rugs (cut, rolled and tied in 4ft. lengths) white goods and metal, construction materials from small homeowner projects such as lumber, doors (all lumber and pipe must be cut to 4 ft. lengths and tied and bundled), windows, roofing, concerte, bricks, sheet-rock, siding, etc., in small amounts.  This does not include complete roofs, kitchen and bathroom renovations, or other large projects, requiring a dumpster.  Refuse from these larger projects is the responsibility of the homeowners to obtain a dumpster.  Materials such as tile, concrete, sheetrock, bricks, etc., must be broken up and placed in a suitable container weighing no more than 60lbs.  (no bags or boxes). Only four (4) items, containers or bundles may be placed at the curb at each pickup.

Remember:  Freon from refrigerators and air conditioners must be removed and tagged by a certified technician.  Please remove doors from all appliances.