Who can perform a Marriage Ceremony?

Every Minister of Every Religion The following Civil Servents Current or Retired Judges of the following
Minister               Rector
Reverend             Clergy
Rabbi                    Vicar
Priest                    Chaplain
Pujari                    Deacon
Imam                    Cantor
Bishop                  Elder
Monsignor           Aaronic Priest
Pastor                  Melchizedek Priest
Patriarch              Apostle
High Priest 
US Magistrate
County Clerk
Mayor (current or former)
Deputy Mayor
Township Committee Chairmen
Civil Celebrant 

US Court of Appeals for 3rd Circuit
Federal District Court 
Municipal Court
Superior Court
Tax Court
County Court
Juvenile & Domestic relations
Surrogate Judge


Every minister of every religion includes ministers who received their credentials online.  All individuals acting as officiants should be sure to put one of the titles from the list above on the marriage license.  Any licenses with the title "Officiant" will not be accepted by the State of New Jersey.