When applying for a Bingo License Application or a Raffle License Application license it involves three basic steps:    

  1. Registration with the State of New Jersey as a "Qualified" organization
  2. Municipal approval of the application for the event(s)
  3. State review of the municipally approved application

Any organization wishing to apply for a municipal license to conduct a bingo or raffle must first register with the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) to obtain an identification number.  In order to register, the organization must submit a completed application accompanied by a non-refundable registration fee of $100.  Senior citizen clubs and organizations are exempt from the registration fee.

The registration is good for two years and is renewable every two years for a $100 fee.  Once an organization receives the registration identification number from the LGCCC it may apply for a license from the Eastampton Township Clerk.

Any application must be processed and approved by the Eastampton Township Clerk's Office before being forwarded to the NJ LGCCC for a mandatory 15 business day review.  It is recommended to submit applications eight (8) weeks prior to an event for review.  Please note that an application for an off-premise raffle must include a sample ticket with the application. No tickets may be printed or sold until the 15 business day review period for the LGCCC has expired.

Fee Schedule

When your organization submits the application for a bingo or raffle license to the Municipal Clerk, it must be accompanied by two separate checks in the same amount - one payable to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) and one payable to Eastampton Township. The fees are:

1. On-Premise Raffle (Tickets Sold the Date of the Drawing)

Cash Prize (Less than $400) - No Fee

Cash Prize (Greater than $400) - $20 per occasion

Merchandise - $20 per occasion

2. Off-Premise Raffle (Tickets Sold in Advance of the Drawing)

Cash (50/50) - $20 per occasion

In the event the cash prize exceeds $1,000 then an additional fee will be required (Which will be based upon the Report of Operations as submitted to LGCCC)

Merchandise - $20 per occasion application fee, $20 per $1,000 retail prize value

For additional information, and to view the rules and regulations please visit the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs website.


In recent years the LGCCC ("Commission") has had numerous inquiries from registered organizations asking about selling chances to win prize(s) on the quarterly and final scores of the Super Bowl (selling boxes) or on choosing teams to advance in tournaments/playoffs (NCAA basketball tournament/NBA or NHL playoffs).  Please be advised that such games are not permitted under the New Jersey Raffle Licensing Law or the regulations governing the conduct of raffles.  

Organizations are reminded that it may only conduct the types of raffles set forth in the Commission's regulations, and those raffles must be conducted in accord with the Raffles Licensing Law and those regulations.  Games such as Super Bowl boxes or March Madness brackets are not authorized under the Raffles Licensing Law.  If an organization were to conduct those types of games and retain a portion of the proceeds from the sale of rights to participate ("taking a cut"), the organization would be conducting an illegal gambling event.  This could result in a criminal prosecution of members in charge and may result in the revocation or suspension of the organization's registration.  

The commission continues to work diligently to assist you in raising funds to support your organization's mission and is available to answer questions on this or any other issue.


FAQ's for Bingo and Raffles