The Fairfield Zoning Department is responsible for enforcing the provisions of Chapter XLV of the Township Code. Listed below are typical functions of the Zoning Office:

  • Discover and ascertain the existence of any zoning violations.
  • Investigate any alleged zoning violation.
  • Prosecute zoning violations in Municipal Court as provided by law.
  • Report to the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board with respect to Matters Before the Board when Required.
  • Review building permits for zoning compliance.
  • Review, inspect, and issue required zoning permits for residential and non-residential properties.

Required Permits

Residential Properties

  • Fence
  • Pool (above ground and in-ground)
  • Shed up to 200 square feet
  • Driveway (for new construction or modification/paving of existing driveway)
  • Addition of any impervious coverage over 100 square feet
  • Temporary storage containers
  • Application for Certificate of Non-Conforming Use (PDF)

Non-Residential Properties

  • Permanent and Temporary Signs/Banners
  • Tree removal
  • Fences
  • Clothing Donation Bins
  • Certificate of Re-Occupancy, Commercial Sale of Building or Condominium
  • Certificate of Re-Occupancy Any Change of Tenancy and/or Use
  • Business Registration Form (PDF)

All Applications can be found on our Forms and Permits Page

A copy of the Township Zoning Ordinance, Chapter XLV, is available to the public for review in the Engineering Department or online in the Code Book.