Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of three (3) departments. Here are just some of the jobs handled by our Public Works Department employees:

  • Assisting other Township Departments as needed.
  • Collecting and disposing of  leaves every fall.
  • Conducting a catch basin cleaning program that includes annually inspecting and cleaning catch basins, as needed.
  • Conducting a curb repairs Spring through the Summer.
  • Conducting a street sweeping program from April through October.
  • Conducting a year-round road and pothole repair program.
  • Plowing all Township roads including cleaning snow from public-owned sidewalks and municipal facilities.
  • Providing street sign maintenance.
  • Hydrant maintenance, service connections, meter readings, water sampling
  • Water main repairs
  • Lift station monitoring
  • Maintenance of sanitary sewers and lift stations
  • Pool filings  
  • Maintaining all Township owned vehicles and equipment


Bulk pick-up is limited to 4 items only. Please do not put out more than that on your designated bulk days, as only 4 items will be taken. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Reporting of Streetlight Outage

 Report of a streetlight outage

Reporting of Potholes on County Roads

Essex County telephone hotline 973-239-3366 ext. 2220 or 973-226-8500 ext. 0 or you can access an Online request form to report pothole locations on County roads

Essex County online pothole request form (link)

Mosquito Control

Essex County Mosquito website (link)