The Fairfield Engineering Department has several responsibilities including:

  • Planning, design, implementation, and inspection of various public works projects, i.e., road improvements, water and sewer improvements and drainage improvements.
  • Receives, reviews, and processes Planning Board and Board of Adjustment applications.
  • Issue permits for sidewalk repairs, curb repairs, grading permits, driveway expansions, tree removal, and road openings.
  • Administers the Township's recycling program.

Stormwater Management

  • Available Maps
    The Engineering Department has the following types of mapping available for review and
    purchase by the general public.
  • Street Map 2010 (PDF)
  • Flood and Tax map (interactive): Showing all the individual property parcels within the township.
  • Flood Maps (FEMA): Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), and NJDEP delineation of floodway and flood hazard area maps are available. FIRMs are also available free online.

Forms and Permits