Snow Removal

Snow Removal

In an effort to remove snow as quickly and safely as possible from Township roadways, the Department of Public Works requires all residents to follow these guidelines:

  • No parking on snow-covered streets.
  • Do not leave garbage cans, recyclables, or any other item on snow-covered streets.
  • When cleaning driveways or sidewalks, residents should not shovel or plow snow into the street.
  • Whenever possible, wait for snow plow crews to complete your street before cleaning off driveways, walkways, or mailboxes. Remember during heavy snowfall, it may be necessary for crews to return to your area a second or third time.

The Township is not responsible for damage to items left in roadways or for vehicles plowed in that were left in the roadway.

Remember, it is necessary for plows to push snow as close to the curb as possible to ensure clear passage in future storms. The DPW asks residents to be patient as crews will be working throughout the night until all streets are cleaned.


The Township roadways will be salted in the following order of priority:

  • Steep grades or hilly sections
  • Main or heavily traveled through streets
  • Intersections
  • Secondary or back streets whenever possible
  • Remember during material shortages all streets may not be salted, so drive carefully at all times during and after storms

Please note: The Township does not plow or salt State or County roads.