Numbering of Buildings

Fire-Logo-200px11-3.1 Purpose. The purpose of this section is to require the clear display of numbers that have been authorized and assigned to all houses, buildings, or other structures that have frontage on any street in the Township of Fairfield in order to assist the general public, Police and Fire Departments, and emergency services, both public and private, in identifying the property in case of emergency. (Ordinance Number 99-07 § 1)

11-3.2 Applicability. All dwelling houses, stores, buildings, or other structures erected or to be erected in the Township of Fairfield shall display house numbers assigned by the Tax Assessor, or other Township designee, as provided herein. (Ordinance Number 99-01 § 1)

11-3.3 Responsibility for Placement. The owner, occupant, or lessee of each and every home, store, or other building which now fronts or may front upon any public or private street within the Township of Fairfield shall, at his own expense, within ninety (90) days after the adoption of this section, cause the assigned number of such house or building to be permanently and conspicuously placed in accordance with the specifications set forth herein. (Ordinance Number 99-07 § 1)

11-3.4 Specifications.

  • House or building numbers shall be:
    • In numerals or letters.
    • A minimum height of three inches.
    •  Mounted in a secure fashion on the front of the building so as to be clearly legible from the street.
    • Of a contrasting color to the background and arranged in such a manner as to be clearly legible from the street.
    • At least thirty (30) inches above ground level and so placed that trees, shrubs, and other obstructions do not block the line of sight of the numbers from the street upon which the building fronts.
  • If the house or building is set back from the road in such a location that the provisions of this section cannot be complied with, then the owner, occupant, or lessee shall provide a post, rod, or other type of fixture of a substantial nature with the number affixed thereon and so located on the premises that the number shall be conspicuous and visible from the street upon which the building property fronts. An owner, occupant, or lessee may also display the number on a mailbox, provided that the number is displayed on both sides of the mailbox and the numbers affixed on the mailbox comply with all other specifications set forth herein.

Ordinance Number 99-07 § 1

Assignment of Numbers. House numbers shall be assigned by the Tax Assessor or other Township designee. Every owner, occupant, or lessee of a building constructed or to be constructed in the Township of Fairfield shall apply to the Construction Code Official for an authorized number. (Ordinance Number 99-07 § 1)