Leaf Collection

Leaf-Collection Clip Image002Starts - October 11, 2024
Ends -   December 9, 2024 (All leaves must be bagged after this date)

Leaf collection will be repeated several times throughout all areas of the township and should take from one to two weeks between collections. Due to the unpredictability of falling leaves, there will be no set schedule for leaf pickup.

  • Leaves should be raked into the street along the curb.
  • All leaves are to be kept 10 feet away from storm drains.
  • Homeowners or landscapers wishing to bag leaves must use biodegradable paper bags only.
  • Plastic bags, or any other containers, will not be accepted.
  • Branches, shrubs, grass, or other yard waste should not be mixed with leaves.

Questions? Please call Public Works at Phone: 973-882-2700, Ext. 2509