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Health Department
30 Clinton Road, West Caldwell, NJ

Bill Wallace, Health Officer
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm
973-226-2303 Fax: 973-226-2396
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The Township of Fairfield contracts with the West Caldwell Health Department for public and environmental health services. The Health Department provides discounted health screenings at various times throughout the year, including cholesterol/blood chemistry clinics, diabetes screening, stroke screening, female and male cancer screening, flu/pneumonia clinics and more. In addition, the Health Department provides two conveniently located health fairs, which provide residents with multiple free and discounted health screenings, giveaways, referrals and education.

The Health Department employees a public health nurse and health educator, and has forged partnerships with local hospitals to provide state-of-the-art clinical services and health education programs to residents. In addition to the above services, the Health Department also offers free monthly blood pressure screenings, free annual skin cancer screenings, free vision/hearing screenings and free health promotion seminars to residents on topics such as stress management, smoking awareness, nutrition and medication management. Residents meeting financial criteria may obtain a voucher from the Health Department for free Child Health Conference services. In addition, the Health Department offers free annual rabies inoculations for all dogs and cats.

Around the municipality, the Health Department investigates public health complaints, inspects retail food establishments and takes samples of food, potable water and non-potable water for bacterial analysis. Health Department staff also inspects public recreational bathing places, child care centers, health clubs and tanning facilities. Per State regulation, the Department performs communicable disease reporting and investigation, and conducts childhood lead poisoning investigations when a child’s blood level exceeds federal guidelines.

The Health Department maintains several additional collaborations and contracts to help insure the health of residents. Animal control services, with assistance from the Health Department, are provided through Associated Humane Societies. Residents with animal-related complaints or concerns may call Associated Humane Societies directly at 973-824-7080. The Essex Regional Health Commission assists the Health Department in performing routine air and noise pollution enforcement. Their air/noise investigators may be reached at 973-251-2059. The Essex County Mosquito Control provides surveillance, drainage and, when necessary, pesticide treatment for the presence of mosquitoes. They may be reached at 973-239-3366, ext. 2480.

Questions pertaining to all other environmental and public health matters should be referred to the Health Department. Any questions for the Health Department, please contact West Caldwell at 973-226-2303.

Any residents on well water and whose property flooded are advised to disinfect their wells after water has receded.  Guidelines for well disinfection are available on the township’s website or at townhall.  After wells have been disinfected, please contact the health department at 973-226-2303 to schedule an appointment for your well water to be tested.